life this…week.

so, i’m back in the snowy north. it was so nice to be down south and have a chance to thaw out for a week. now today, i’m packing my bags again to head to Minneapolis for a couple of days away with my sweet husband. i have so much to share with you when i get back!! but for now, here’s a few photos from the past few weeks…

jam day 1 jam day 2 jam day 5 jam day 6 jam day 7 jam day 8 jam day 9 jam day 10 jam day 11 jam day 12 jam day 14 jam day 13



okay. i’m about to be really open and honest about my feelings. are you ready? are you sure??? here goes… i am SO tired of the winter. i’m tired of being cooped up in our house. i’m tired of dreary days. i’m tired of snow. i’m tired of the sun setting at 4 p.m. i’m tired of the cold. i think there comes a time every winter that i long for sunny, hot, long days. today is one of those days. winter has been here long enough and it can go away now!

i’m finished with my complaining now. i hope that you enjoyed it!! in an effort to see some sunshine, i just looked through some photos i took of our trip to Hawaii two years ago! We went with our families as kind of a post wedding getaway for all of us. and it was much needed! but i didnt get a lot of photos (unfortunately). we’ll be going back again, so i did not think it was THAT big of a deal…but now i wish that i had taken my camera with me on every adventure!

hawaii 5i did happen to capture a couple of photos, so that’s nice i guess.


hawaii 4if you’re ever in Kona, you NEED to go to the Fish Hopper. Yum… David and I went for my birthday date (yes… i spent my birthday in hawaii!).

hawaii 2 hawaii 1

i hope you enjoyed this little hawaiian tour. it’s nice to look back at warmer times and know that they are coming again. here’s to springtime being right around that corner…