okay. i’m about to be really open and honest about my feelings. are you ready? are you sure??? here goes… i am SO tired of the winter. i’m tired of being cooped up in our house. i’m tired of dreary days. i’m tired of snow. i’m tired of the sun setting at 4 p.m. i’m tired of the cold. i think there comes a time every winter that i long for sunny, hot, long days. today is one of those days. winter has been here long enough and it can go away now!

i’m finished with my complaining now. i hope that you enjoyed it!! in an effort to see some sunshine, i just looked through some photos i took of our trip to Hawaii two years ago! We went with our families as kind of a post wedding getaway for all of us. and it was much needed! but i didnt get a lot of photos (unfortunately). we’ll be going back again, so i did not think it was THAT big of a deal…but now i wish that i had taken my camera with me on every adventure!

hawaii 5i did happen to capture a couple of photos, so that’s nice i guess.


hawaii 4if you’re ever in Kona, you NEED to go to the Fish Hopper. Yum… David and I went for my birthday date (yes… i spent my birthday in hawaii!).

hawaii 2 hawaii 1

i hope you enjoyed this little hawaiian tour. it’s nice to look back at warmer times and know that they are coming again. here’s to springtime being right around that corner…