i love days like today. big breakfast. old friends. record stores. relaxing. it has been a good day. we have an old friend in town this weekend, so now we’re sitting around, enjoying the feeling of bellies full of mexican food, watching a movie. i wish every day could be like this. full of things i love.

saturday 1

next week lent begins. i love practicing lent. it’s like a fresh start. a reboot almost. for me it puts my life into perspective. i am a part of something bigger than myself.

saturday 2in other news… david looooooves comic books right now.

saturday 3and this is probably the last time i will be eating yummy big breakfast for a while…we gotta start getting trim again.

okay…thats enough for right now. how was your saturday? how do you like spending a day off?


life this week…

so i’ve decided to challenge myself this year and post at least once a week! i take a lot of photos with instagram (you should follow me: mrsbeccajohnson), so every week i’m going to do a post called Life This Week… to show you a bit of whats going on in my life. since moving to the great state of¬†Wisconsin, i have been a horrible blogger. and for that, i apologize! here’s to some creativity and stability…

this week 1

[new sweater]

this week 2

[snow day]

this week 3

[cutie pants]

this week 4

[red bull]

this week 5

this week 6


this week 7

[sunday meeting]

this week 9

[morning sun]

this week 10


this week 11