couple photos…

a while back, david and i had some couple photos done. since we didn’t have engagement photos (we were only engaged for 4 months…and i had mono the whole time), we asked our friend Jess to take some for us. She’s amazing and was building her portfolio so she did them for free! we loved how they turned out, so i thought i would give a few quick tips for fun and memorable photo shoots…

1. wear something timeless…

when we were getting ready for this shoot, David and i asked each other this important question: “will we be embarrassed by our outfits when our grandkids find these photos in 30 years?!?!”. we decided to wear pieces that were either thrifted or that were fairly simple and classic in order to create a timeless look. argyle, flannel, blazers, handmade scarves and collared dresses have been around for decades…and will probably continue to be in style for a long time.

photos1 photos6

2. choose meaningful locations…

we decided to take photos on location at some of our favorite places. we went to our favorite coffeeshop in Minneapolis, spyhouse coffee shop, and a waterfall that we went to when we decided we liked each other. it was so fun, and looking at these photos brings back wonderful memories us.

photos photos73. be friends with your photographer…

it is super important that you’re comfortable when taking pictures. i dont know many people (including myself) who love being in front of the camera, but i do know that if you trust your photographer and you can relax, magic seems to happen. we were lucky enough to be great friends with Jess (she was in our wedding!), so that helped a lot. if you dont have a friend who is good with a camera,  sit down and talk with your photographer and tell him/her a bit of your story, then just enjoy the day!


i hope this was helpful! and i hope you enjoyed these fun photos!


snow day.

there was a time, not too long ago, that snow was a magical thing to me. i’m from the south, so when the smallest amount of snow hit the ground, everything shut down, children stayed home from school, mommas made hot cocoa and helped their little ones build snowmen. it was a special day when the snow came. but now i live in the north…and it’s been snowing a lot here lately. and by a lot i mean a LOT. i think i’ve forgotten the mystery of the snow. it’s common place. it’s normal. it’s everyday. today i’m looking forward to the spring: cookouts, being outdoors…hopefully shedding my winter skin (and by skin i mean these extra winter lbs…yikes!), bike rides… it’s just a few months away. and to celebrate the coming change of the season, here’s a look back at last spring…

spring (1)

spring (2) spring 1 spring 2 spring 3 spring

our wedding: little bits and pieces, pt. 1

happy saturday! i woke up at 7:30 this morning and laid in bed for an hour before i decided to just get up and get the day started. i’ve had a bit of a hard time sleeping lately…i think there’s just so much going on in my head that i cant quite turn off. hopefully soon the thoughts and dreams and processing will settle down soon. so now, i’m drinking some coffee, and making a mental list of all the things i need to do before our new friends come over to talk about their wedding!! i love weddings and marriage, and i also love talking about them! so now i’m nostalgic and sentimental and want to share some sweet photos from our day.

our wedding day was really cloudy and rainy, and we got married in a school, so a lot of the photos from our ceremony did not turn out really well. i love natural lighting…like, i probably have an obsession with it…so i decided to get ready in the schools dance studio…with HUGE windows. it was the perfect place to take some pre-wedding shots.

i want to break up our wedding photos so i will have something to share on a different day! so today is dress detail day! hooray!! david and i both love family heirlooms. both of our rings were legacy (he has my grandpa’s wedding band, i have his great aunts’s), my mom let me wear the veil she was married in, and i wore a broach my mom, grandma (and great grandma?) all wore for their weddings. it was almost like having all of these people who couldn’t be there with us.  it was such a special day…

happy thursday!

is it really only thursday?! wow! we have had a whirlwind of a week so far! david and i took a quick road trip to his hometown in wisconsin to see a few friends and get away from the city for a few days. i think it’s time that we took an ACTUAL vacation, but in order to do that, we would have to make some free time. i think we both find that really hard to do! anyway, we left town on monday, so right now i kind of feel like it should be sunday or something. but that’s okay. it just means that i still have the whole weekend ahead of me!

on our way out of town, david and i decided to stop at the famous Mickey’s Diner for some lunch. it. was. AWESOME! i have a soft spot in my heart for old diners. so much history, delicious malts, and super greasy burgers and fries. diner food is probably one of my favorite little treats.

i hope you are having a happy happy thursday! if you ever venture to st. paul, you must go to Mickey’s. it is a swell eating establishment! do you have any diners that you like visiting?

happy monday!!!

so, last wednesday, david’s old band Backstories got back together. the show ran late, we didnt get home until 2 am, and it was amazing! it was such fun to see these guys back together, and hear the music the way it was supposed to be heard (at least in my opinion). i took a few photos to capture the night!

i hope you’re having a prettier day than we are here in minnesota! it actually snowed this morning! in APRIL!! but at least nothing stuck and the snow is over now. have a happy monday!!!!