life this…week.

so, i’m back in the snowy north. it was so nice to be down south and have a chance to thaw out for a week. now today, i’m packing my bags again to head to Minneapolis for a couple of days away with my sweet husband. i have so much to share with you when i get back!! but for now, here’s a few photos from the past few weeks…

jam day 1 jam day 2 jam day 5 jam day 6 jam day 7 jam day 8 jam day 9 jam day 10 jam day 11 jam day 12 jam day 14 jam day 13


life this week…

today is the first saturday in forever that i have gotten to sleep in (and by sleep in i mean i woke up at 7:45). we have friends and family in town for the weekend, so we’re all just hanging out, playing with puppies and watching babies explore. on that note, i havent been super busy with instagraming this week, but here are the few that i DID get around to taking…

IMG_1042 IMG_0989 IMG_1031 IMG_1006 IMG_1002 IMG_0992

life this week…

so i’ve decided to challenge myself this year and post at least once a week! i take a lot of photos with instagram (you should follow me: mrsbeccajohnson), so every week i’m going to do a post called Life This Week… to show you a bit of whats going on in my life. since moving to the great state of Wisconsin, i have been a horrible blogger. and for that, i apologize! here’s to some creativity and stability…

this week 1

[new sweater]

this week 2

[snow day]

this week 3

[cutie pants]

this week 4

[red bull]

this week 5

this week 6


this week 7

[sunday meeting]

this week 9

[morning sun]

this week 10


this week 11