happy first day of spring!

so i woke up today feeling icky. runny nose, scratchy throat… it’s so not fun. i think all of my adventures have finally caught up with me. hooray! so today i’m going to take some medicine and relax. it’s kind of fun the first day being sick…you can relax and rest and you have an excuse! but after that, i’m over it. happy first day of spring to me!

it’s still snowy outside here in wisconsin. theres still 6 foot high snow drifts in my friends yards and right now it’s 9 degrees out. and i THINK it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow.  on days like this, i like to dream about how wonderful spring and summer are going to be. i’m hoping for bike rides, pool parties, zoo trips, picnics…oh there is so much to do once the snow melts! but for now, i’m going to sit here and look at some photos of a place that IS warm: mississippi. i had so much fun down south last week. so many hugs from my niece, coffee with my parents, chats with friends…it was the perfect escape from the snowy north.

airport 1

airport 2

airport 5airport 7 airport 4

airport 6


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