jam day, saturday.

oh…sometimes i just love saturdays. they’re fun arent they? today was one of those wonderful days full of jam making, makeup shopping, a LOT of cooking, and a nice, beautiful coming of age movie. so, it’s been a good day. like, a really good day.

my friend Becca invited me over this mid-morning to make jam with her! it was so much fun. i love jam. and toast. and jam ON toast. needless to say i dont keep bread in the house…i would just sit around, reading books, eating jam on toast all. day. long. it’s addicting.

jam day 1 jam day 2 jam day 3

i love this window…it’s perfect.

jam day

also, meet gus. he’s the cutest.

jam day 6 jam day 7blackberry jam, yall.

well, i hope you had just as good of a day as i have! i’m heading down to mississippi next week, so i’m taking a little bit of time away from the ole blog. but i’ll be back soon, with loads of fun things to share!!


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