happy friday…

i have to be honest… i had some wonderful ideas of a fun post today, but i have a terrible headache and i ‘m tired because i had to wake up at 4:45 this morning to go to work, and all i really want to do is go someplace warm and get out of the cold. i’m tired of the cold. but i know that in 6 months i’m going to be tired of the heat. so, there’s that. so to make your day more happy, here’s a picture i took of a street musician in New Orleans.



have a good friday y’all!

p.s. the pigeon in the photo makes me so happy…


One thought on “happy friday…

  1. The pigeon IS nifty…had to go back and find her…Hah! This is a story ready to happen… I like the tambourine. (In my mind, I walk up to him, gesturing that I’d like to play it and he nods a twinkly-eyed, “yes”. We keep time jamming, quiet laughter punctuating the music as the rhythms pick up pace. I nod “thanks” into his eyes when it’s complete and he tips his hat in parting with a happy sigh. We never say a word, but share a memory…) #AlmostReal

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