couple photos…

a while back, david and i had some couple photos done. since we didn’t have engagement photos (we were only engaged for 4 months…and i had mono the whole time), we asked our friend Jess to take some for us. She’s amazing and was building her portfolio so she did them for free! we loved how they turned out, so i thought i would give a few quick tips for fun and memorable photo shoots…

1. wear something timeless…

when we were getting ready for this shoot, David and i asked each other this important question: “will we be embarrassed by our outfits when our grandkids find these photos in 30 years?!?!”. we decided to wear pieces that were either thrifted or that were fairly simple and classic in order to create a timeless look. argyle, flannel, blazers, handmade scarves and collared dresses have been around for decades…and will probably continue to be in style for a long time.

photos1 photos6

2. choose meaningful locations…

we decided to take photos on location at some of our favorite places. we went to our favorite coffeeshop in Minneapolis, spyhouse coffee shop, and a waterfall that we went to when we decided we liked each other. it was so fun, and looking at these photos brings back wonderful memories us.

photos photos73. be friends with your photographer…

it is super important that you’re comfortable when taking pictures. i dont know many people (including myself) who love being in front of the camera, but i do know that if you trust your photographer and you can relax, magic seems to happen. we were lucky enough to be great friends with Jess (she was in our wedding!), so that helped a lot. if you dont have a friend who is good with a camera,  sit down and talk with your photographer and tell him/her a bit of your story, then just enjoy the day!


i hope this was helpful! and i hope you enjoyed these fun photos!


4 thoughts on “couple photos…

  1. I always enjoy seeing these photos…and to think You Two are still posting photos…many photos….what memories flood back as I revisit these….and your ideas photo shoots are wonderful….for all types of photos!

  2. I love these. I love the last one especially, but I love the way David is looking at you through the Spy House window. True love.

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  4. Love the post-like the header photo-I want to tell you that I follow your blog and I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. I followed through with it, had fun, learned a few things and gotten response on my blog. Your blog is listed on my post Liebster Laureate. You do good work!

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