life this week…

so i’ve decided to challenge myself this year and post at least once a week! i take a lot of photos with instagram (you should follow me: mrsbeccajohnson), so every week i’m going to do a post called Life This Week… to show you a bit of whats going on in my life. since moving to the great state of Wisconsin, i have been a horrible blogger. and for that, i apologize! here’s to some creativity and stability…

this week 1

[new sweater]

this week 2

[snow day]

this week 3

[cutie pants]

this week 4

[red bull]

this week 5

this week 6


this week 7

[sunday meeting]

this week 9

[morning sun]

this week 10


this week 11



One thought on “life this week…

  1. Like…the pics are great…noted the pinkish tint to the wall in morning light…good choice…will be interesting to stand in the gathering room below and see the robes hanging over the loft walls…..can imagine little eyes peering from above too….told you…little house on the prairie!

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