it’s october!! my favorite month of the year! i just love october… the leaves, the crisp air, the smell of cinnamon and cloves, the taste of apple cider. it’s just the perfect season. i’m taking this month to work on me. to get back in shape, to rest mentally and emotionally, to figure out me again. it’s going to be great. i’ll keep you all posted on how everything goes…

anyway…we went to an apple orchard on monday!! it was such fun!! and i might have fallen in love with some goats. yes, goats. they are so sweet and cute! and i even got head butted by a kid!

yes, we caved and got a caramel apple. and we might have gotten one for the road that is waiting to be eaten! we are so excited to do so many more fun things for fall…some of which we hope become traditions! what are some of your favorite fall activities?!


3 thoughts on “october…

  1. love love…. happy october. happy you month!
    my faves are: apple cider, chili, earlier bedtimes, sweaters, scarves, fall smells (candles, fires, the cool air, leaves)

  2. I love this post! i’m also really working out and trying to come up with some sort of balance with life.
    Fall is the best! Last fall Jamie and I were in Africa, so we really went from summer in the states to really hot summer in Africa to freezing winter in the states.

    Fall is perfect because we transition from beautiful sunny, warm days to soft blankets of snow and obviously everyone’s favorite season – Christmas.

    I love: warm drinks, cocoa, lattes and tea, everything pumpkin, knitting, snuggling husband and a blanket, homemade soup for almost every meal, apple orchards, cider and doughnuts, and the routine that settles us.

    Maybe see you for breakfast Monday? That would be lovely!

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