in the silence…

so i know i’ve been silent on the blog lately. i’ve been busy trying to find my place here in the great land of wisconsin, and since blogging isn’t my full time job, i guess i dont feel much of a responsibility to keep up with it. 

i will say though that since moving, i’m starting to remember my identity. i’m starting to remember who it is that God has created me to be. i am a musician. i am a creative. i am a wife. i am a daughter. i am a lover of nature. i am me. the reminding has been hard though. and i am sad that for a while i forgot all of these things. for a time, i was trying to be someone who i was never intended to be. i feel kind of like Eustace Scrubb in Voyage of the Dawn Treader. he is a little boy who becomes a dragon for a time, but Aslan comes and pulls off his scales making him a little boy again. it is painful, but in the end it is completely worth all of the hurt. i feel like i am becoming myself…




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