the tomato place…


i love the south. i grew up in hot and steamy mississippi, and for so log i wanted to get out of the heat. now, i finally have a love and affection for this great state. i love the people, the food, the big oak and pine trees, and the culture. it’s a great place…

on my lovely trip i took a little road trip with “the ladies” (that’s what we graciously call my grand mothers) and stopped at a roadside tomato stand aptly called The Tomato Place. we sipped on smoothies and snacked on homemade french fries, and sat under a ceiling fan out of the hot hot sunshine. it was such a fun time.









p.s. the lovely lady in plaid is my 101 year old great grand mother…she’s pretty swell…


2 thoughts on “the tomato place…

  1. I loved reading this. The pics are beautiful. I see your great grand mother and the back of Antie Mary Ruth….Its been a while since I have seen them. Enjoy your time back in Mississippi and keep writing. I love the stories and the adventures.

  2. Your pictures and stories are lovely! Visiting you childhood home is always and nostalgic, cozy time. Happy to have met you a few sunday’s ago. I hope we can get together soon!

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