i’m baaack!!

dear friends…

things around these parts have been so hectic lately! i have been out of town, sweet david gave me a wonderful, wonderful birthday weekend, and we have been trying to get our new apartment in order (it’s only taken two months!). it seems like life just wont slow down on it’s own, so i’m taking the time right now to force it to go a little slower. it is so nice to stop everything and think about the past few weeks, and to get excited for the coming of fall! it’s by far my favorite season!

one of my out of town trips took me down south to mississippi to see my family! it was a great time celebrating my birthday and my future niece! we ate so much cake and laughed and told stories and shared life. it was a magical time. i took plenty of photos while i was gone, so here is a little tour of my parents yard and house. i grew up in this house, and my mom did too! it has been in our family for three generations! this home is full of love and memories…i hope that david and i have a house like this one day for our children to call home…

there is so much more southern charm to come…


2 thoughts on “i’m baaack!!

  1. Love this Rebecca! Thank you for the sweet words! It was wondrous to have you home! Hurry Back! (Yes the exclamation points are necessary…)

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