one of those days…

i’m having one of those days. you know…the kind of day where you just dont want to do anything? that’s the kind of day i’m having. i want to curl up on the couch and watch 20 movies (even though i know way deep down in my heart i dont REALLY want to do that) and have these last few boxes unpack themselves. that would be so nice. i need motivation folks!

okay. enough complaining. i’m so looking forward to the fall. cooler weather, hayrides, apple orchards, pumpkins, bonfires!! fall is by far my favorite time of the year. and each year, we get to take a week and go up to beautiful Door County, Wisconsin to rest. to sabbath. to sit in the hot tub and relax! i cant wait. just a few more months…


13 months.

this guy….

seriously? so handsome. he says a lot that he’s a lucky guy for marrying me, but i like to think that i’m a lucky gal for marrying him. he’s the tops. and we’ve been married for 13 MONTHS!! that’s one year and one month of married bliss! well…mostly bliss. we’ve had a wonderful time this year. i couldn’t be happier with this dueling denim loving cutie. and yep, he’s a cutie. here’s to 80 more years of everyday adventures, mr. johnson!!!


p.s. if you are ever in Milwaukee, you HAVE to go to BelAir Cantina. seriously the best tacos…ever. trust me.


Hello Friends!

sorry for my long absence. this have been pretty hectic around here lately! david and i have been busy visiting antique stores, drinking coffee, meeting new friends, and strolling the farmers market! we love living here in oshkosh. life seems to move at a slower pace, which is nice after life in the big city. our apartment is starting to feel a little more like home, so hopefully i’ll be sharing some photos and things with you soon! for now though, here are some photos from a few weeks ago. every year around Independence Day, Oshkosh has a big festival called Sawdust Days. there’s fun food, snow cones, and rides, and even a little pioneer town where you can buy pioneery things.









did you do anything fun for July 4th??