our wedding: little bits and pieces, pt. 1

happy saturday! i woke up at 7:30 this morning and laid in bed for an hour before i decided to just get up and get the day started. i’ve had a bit of a hard time sleeping lately…i think there’s just so much going on in my head that i cant quite turn off. hopefully soon the thoughts and dreams and processing will settle down soon. so now, i’m drinking some coffee, and making a mental list of all the things i need to do before our new friends come over to talk about their wedding!! i love weddings and marriage, and i also love talking about them! so now i’m nostalgic and sentimental and want to share some sweet photos from our day.

our wedding day was really cloudy and rainy, and we got married in a school, so a lot of the photos from our ceremony did not turn out really well. i love natural lighting…like, i probably have an obsession with it…so i decided to get ready in the schools dance studio…with HUGE windows. it was the perfect place to take some pre-wedding shots.

i want to break up our wedding photos so i will have something to share on a different day! so today is dress detail day! hooray!! david and i both love family heirlooms. both of our rings were legacy (he has my grandpa’s wedding band, i have his great aunts’s), my mom let me wear the veil she was married in, and i wore a broach my mom, grandma (and great grandma?) all wore for their weddings. it was almost like having all of these people who couldn’t be there with us.  it was such a special day…


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