happy thursday!

is it really only thursday?! wow! we have had a whirlwind of a week so far! david and i took a quick road trip to his hometown in wisconsin to see a few friends and get away from the city for a few days. i think it’s time that we took an ACTUAL vacation, but in order to do that, we would have to make some free time. i think we both find that really hard to do! anyway, we left town on monday, so right now i kind of feel like it should be sunday or something. but that’s okay. it just means that i still have the whole weekend ahead of me!

on our way out of town, david and i decided to stop at the famous Mickey’s Diner for some lunch. it. was. AWESOME! i have a soft spot in my heart for old diners. so much history, delicious malts, and super greasy burgers and fries. diner food is probably one of my favorite little treats.

i hope you are having a happy happy thursday! if you ever venture to st. paul, you must go to Mickey’s. it is a swell eating¬†establishment! do you have any diners that you like visiting?


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