Blue Like Jazz…

I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend a screening of Blue Like Jazz…the film interpretation of Donald Miller’s New York Times bestseller of the same name. I first read the book back in 2004, and it really served as a catalyst for change in the way I view christian spirituality. I think I have read it three times since, and I have told countless friends that they too should read it. The book focuses on the authors view of christianity, and how it shifted as he grew up, experienced life, and truly came into friendship with Jesus. Miller raises questions about faith that I had, but was too afraid to speak outloud. In my opintion, the book is fearless. Which leads me to the film…

The film, directed by Steve Taylor, is the story of Don Miller (played by True Blood‘s Marshall  Allman) and his journey through faith. I wont give a synopsis or a review of the film ( you can find that all over the internet), but I will say that the movie, like the book, is fearlessBlue Like Jazz breaks every mold of Christian and mainstream film, and I encourage you to see it. It’s a must. Blue Like Jazz comes out in select theaters April 13, 2012.


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