It’s an oatmeal kind of day…

so, i love food. i love to cook. i love to eat. i think sometimes my love for the culinary arts is unhealthy. i mean, dont let me loose in a market or a cooking store or on a food blog. i could spend so much time looking through cookbooks, or at photos of beautifully prepared dishes. i love dressing up really fancy with david to get some dinner. my favorite place to eat in minneapolis is this little french place called Barbette. oh…and i also love anything french. it’s a new obsession (thanks julia childs…)

but this post isnt about french food or the french way of living (heck, i’ve never even been to france!). this post is about my lifelong food love: breakfast. david and i LOVE breakfast. it might be my favorite thing to cook right now. yummy homemade buttermilk biscuits, pancakes, eggs, french toast…i love it all. we have a little tradition at our house: we make breakfast, snuggle up on the couch, and watch Community. it’s the best tradition. ever.

just so you know, big breakfast isn’t an everyday kind of thing. usually i eat some cereal, or make a spinach smoothie, or eat some toast and fruit, but today…today i made oatmeal. warm, delicious, wonderful oatmeal. i boiled some water, chopped up apple, and salt, pour some quick oats in it, let it cook. then stirred it, added a dab of honey, scooped it out, and plopped it in a bowl. then, i added some peanut butter, cinnamon, and raisins… it was so good! such a grand way to start a day. you should make oatmeal…it’s good for you!! and it’s so easy to make…and you can add anything you like to it! i just love oatmeal…



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