A Day in the Life

so, i think i’m going to start doing a little feature i like to call “a day in the life”. mr. johnson and i go on so many adventures, and this will force me to bring my camera and capture all of the excitement! we are trying to find everyday adventures…right?

well,thursday was so much fun! we woke up and made breakfast (today was almond milk pancakes and yummy southern sausage), we caught up on Community and New Girl (two of our favorites!), and got dressed for a fun day. the twin cities are famous (or at least i like to think) for delicious food! we took a little trip over to st. paul to this fun little pub called Blue Door to grab a juicy lucy. seriously the best burger ever. after lunch we headed to some antique stores and then got some coffee. pretty typical for us, but so much fun! we like each other…


happy monday.

thursday night david and i got to see our dear friends play some music. i love having talented friends. it makes me feel special that they let me into their cool club. anyway, we had so much fun singing and dancing along to the songs. and i just happened to have my camera with me to capture the excitement!

p.s. you should look my friends bands up…i think you’ll like what you hear.



nine month review…

david and i have been married for NINE MONTHS!! it seems like forever (in a good way!). we have so much fun…going on coffee dates, strolling the beaches in hawaii, taking photos, and visiting friends and family. i thought i would post a couple of my favorite instagrams from the past 9 months to celebrate!!

       our sweet little veggie garden

wedding day!!

black sand beach in hawaii


my amazing vintage canon…merry christmas!

road trip knitting project

door county

Blue Like Jazz…

I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend a screening of Blue Like Jazz…the film interpretation of Donald Miller’s New York Times bestseller of the same name. I first read the book back in 2004, and it really served as a catalyst for change in the way I view christian spirituality. I think I have read it three times since, and I have told countless friends that they too should read it. The book focuses on the authors view of christianity, and how it shifted as he grew up, experienced life, and truly came into friendship with Jesus. Miller raises questions about faith that I had, but was too afraid to speak outloud. In my opintion, the book is fearless. Which leads me to the film…

The film, directed by Steve Taylor, is the story of Don Miller (played by True Blood‘s Marshall  Allman) and his journey through faith. I wont give a synopsis or a review of the film ( you can find that all over the internet), but I will say that the movie, like the book, is fearlessBlue Like Jazz breaks every mold of Christian and mainstream film, and I encourage you to see it. It’s a must. Blue Like Jazz comes out in select theaters April 13, 2012.

Stillwater…and other sweet things.

last week, my parents made the journey up the mississippi river to come visit. it really was a grand time of sweet tea making, story telling, antique shopping, and candy eating. my parents bring so much joy to my life. i love my family. the first full day of their stay, david, me, my parents, and his parents piled in a van and took an adventure to stillwater, mn. it was the first beautiful and warm day of spring, and so many memories were made…

we ate diner food, went to many antique stores, bought some candy from the candy store, saw a semi-frozen river. we basked in the sunshine! it was a perfect day…if i say so myself. i think i have a pretty amazing life…

It’s an oatmeal kind of day…

so, i love food. i love to cook. i love to eat. i think sometimes my love for the culinary arts is unhealthy. i mean, dont let me loose in a market or a cooking store or on a food blog. i could spend so much time looking through cookbooks, or at photos of beautifully prepared dishes. i love dressing up really fancy with david to get some dinner. my favorite place to eat in minneapolis is this little french place called Barbette. oh…and i also love anything french. it’s a new obsession (thanks julia childs…)

but this post isnt about french food or the french way of living (heck, i’ve never even been to france!). this post is about my lifelong food love: breakfast. david and i LOVE breakfast. it might be my favorite thing to cook right now. yummy homemade buttermilk biscuits, pancakes, eggs, french toast…i love it all. we have a little tradition at our house: we make breakfast, snuggle up on the couch, and watch Community. it’s the best tradition. ever.

just so you know, big breakfast isn’t an everyday kind of thing. usually i eat some cereal, or make a spinach smoothie, or eat some toast and fruit, but today…today i made oatmeal. warm, delicious, wonderful oatmeal. i boiled some water, chopped up apple, and salt, pour some quick oats in it, let it cook. then stirred it, added a dab of honey, scooped it out, and plopped it in a bowl. then, i added some peanut butter, cinnamon, and raisins… it was so good! such a grand way to start a day. you should make oatmeal…it’s good for you!! and it’s so easy to make…and you can add anything you like to it! i just love oatmeal…



after about a year of silence from the blogging world, i am back. and ready to take it by storm. this year has been incredible…and frustrating…and wonderful…and adventurous…and filled with love. i am hoping that this will act as a source of creative outlet for me. that i will be accountable to update often. accountable to write. accountable to cook good food, make good art, and take amazing adventures. here’s to a new start!! and new friends!!


a little photo from our sweet wedding...

a little photo from our sweet wedding...